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of -- hosting a forum on the future of school reform and asks if educators are thinking big enough in remaking our schools. thursday, october 18th at the museum the story of douglas brinkley will screen and talk about a new documentary called first freedom, the fight for religious liberty. that starts at 7 p.m. and finally october 19th at 9 a.m. the national archives host says its 26th annual preservation conference, this year looking at how to save america's documents in an increasingly online world and that's your capital rundown for the week of october 15th, 2012. check out our website or contact us on twitter hashtag capital rundown. we'll see you next week. gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1